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  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH
  • Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH

Zuca Sport Bag - STEALTH

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Product Description

The word stealth primarily means to perform an action with utmost discretion and caution and the Zuca sport insert stealth is portraying exactly that. The polyurethane wheels of the insert bag perform the function of strolling so effortlessly, due to the high grade material used, your entire journey to your desired destination is silent and smooth. The wheels also have shock absorbers that instantly take effect as soon as there is any jerk or sudden change in movement ensuring a safe ride. It's led lights mark the way as you stroll with this super light in weight Zuca sport insert. Even though it's frame is capable of taking weight of up to three hundred pounds at a time this Zuca sport insert remains rock steady and strong while you sit in you custom made Zuca seat which is located on the to surface of your sport insert. All the sport inserts have been improvised and now come with a floor panel that protects the surface of your Zuca bag, a stylish mesh pocket and zipper pulls with very good quality materials. The zipper pulls have been fitted to ensure double safety and zipper tubes to cover the front. These tweaks have helped in improving the color coordination of the bag. Another great feature that has been upgraded has been the main zip of your Zuca bag that earlier opened toward the floor now opens like a door making it super convenient for you to access your bag.

Technical Specs – Sport Insert & Sport Frame

  • 39.5” Telescoping handle
  • Inspired by aerospace technology, the aluminum alloy frame is light, super strong and rated to safely support up to 300 lbs
  • The removable, hand washable, Insert Bag is made from premium water resistant 600D polyester
  • The dual wheel system climbs stairs and curbs with ease
  • This bag DOES NOT meet FAA specifications for carry-on baggage
  • Magneto dynamic 4" polyurethane wheels absorb shock and make for a seriously silent ride
  • Gear platform to carry additional load
  • Feet, made of nylon 6, go easy on scratchable surfaces
  • Dimensions
    18” height, 10” width, 13” depth
  • Dimensions (including wheels): 
    18” height, 12.25” width, 14.75” depth
  • Weight (frame and bag): 9.4 lbs
  • Capacity:
  • Cubic inches: 1,787 in
  • Cubic centimeters: 29, 292 cm
  • Liters: 29 L


All weights, measures and similar descriptions are approximate and are provided for convenience purposes only. We make all reasonable efforts to accurately display the attributes of our products, including the applicable colors. However, the actual color you see will depend on your computer system and we cannot guarantee that your computer will accurately display such colors.

Stealth aircraft avoids detection using a variety of stealth technologies which reduce s reflection/emission of radar, infrared and visible light. Zuca Sport Bag – Stealth has a unique look with spots of white dots on a black background. You would definitely pass the secret test by carrying this across the hallway. Customise the bag the way you want with the name tags by adding very good design patterns. Zuca Sport Bag – Stealth can be accessed in front to carry all that you want. When you open the Zuca bag there is a lot of space inside to place your accessories. The side compartments can be easily accessed to carry small accessories. The color of the zips goes really well with the design of the bag. The side pouch that carries water bottle looks very classy in black color. The wheels are sturdy and pass through the patchy roads and keep the Zuca bag upright. School kids find it comfortable to sit on top of the Zuca bag to wear their shoes. For those who like simple designs, this would be ideal for you.

Zuca Sport Bag – Stealth is placed on top of a frame available in colors such black and red. These frames give a unique feel and look to the Zuca bag. The design takes inspiration from aerospace technology supporting upto 300lbs of weight. One can use this for figureskating and also carry as a school bag. The replaceable inserts are water resistant made from 600D polyester.


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