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Training Aids

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Perfect Posture Trainer

USD 37.98

A helpful aid in improving posture by keeping shoulders back and better aligned. Wide Velcro closure allows for an adjustable fit; non-roll front straps stay flat. Black Only. Sizes: Youth S/M, Youth M/L, Adult S/M, Adult M/L  

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Training Aids for Figure Skating

Ice Skating Training Aids - These can be used to practice off ice ice. Excellent for stretching, practicing spins and working on your moves off ice. 

The training aids provides skating training aids that give way to positive competition amongst ice skaters that train to become exceptional ice skaters by improving their posture, jump combinations as well as spins. Training to compete at higher levels has become even more intense as before which is why good equipment is necessary to achieve this and through these training aids you can perfect your overall performance by these ensuring ice skating tools. The perfect posture trainer is an extremely helpful ice skating training aid that is especially designed to correct your shoulder and back alignment. It has special wide Velcro closures that allow an adjustable fit, as well as non-roll front straps stay flat. The ice skating spinners include the gold metal pro spinner for ice skating that is highly recommended by trainers, as it used two machined discs and bearings, and is highly durable and the other ice skating spinner is Jerrys metal spinner that's an off ice training device with metal plate construction, rubber treads and rounded corners for safety. It can usually use on any kind of surface that makes both these ice skating spinners great. The ice skating spinners include the gold metal pro spinner and Jerrys metal spinner that's an off ice spinner and tier qualities are as follows.


They are very beneficial when you are off the ice. improved spinning and jumping can be used on any type of surface, including on rugs it is still perfectly portable; This product is very sturdy and nicely made It has significantly improved my center of gravity resulting in spins are tighter and faster. Different styles available made of a Simple nylon pad Perfect for warm up exercises Skate Spinner is light and can be taken anywhere. 

Due to its weight possible for figure skaters to practice spins, jumps, turns, and landing positions off the ice with ease. Skate spinner is very light and can be taken anywhere.

Works on a hard or smooth surface Available in various colors. Rectangular shape

Recommended by many professional skaters association figure skating coaches. By practicing with Skate Spinner, figure skaters will learn to spin with more control and less movement. Use of the skate spinner will improve your balance, ability to centre spins, air position and the mechanics of turns. Crafted by celebrated skate spinner who was a former world and Olympic competitor, professional skater and coach, and constructed by engineers using computer technology that have years of experience in the ice skating industry these ice skating spinners provide excellent quality at a great price range.