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Zuca Bags

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Zuca Bags

Zuca bag is a marvelous creation, it was designed by a mother who was concerned with her son's back problems due to heavy books he had to carry in school. When Zuca bag was first created it was intended as a school bag which would also allow its owner to sit on top of it to provide a seat where there was none. Zuca bags have made a tremendous progress across all types of markets since their creation. Zuca bags especially excelled in figure skating as a prime choice for an ice skating bag for all ice skaters big or small.  Zuca bag is a unique creation and allows its user to be creative from the start. Zuca bag consists of a Zuca frame and a zuca insert. Those two components make a Zuca bag. There are over a hundred different Zuca bag designs and eight different color frames. If you combine the different possibilities you get almost a thousand different zuca bag designs. Zuca bag insert has many different compartments and pockets. Zuca bag has a total of four wheels to allow the bag to climb stairs easily. The bottom set of wheels on the Zuca bag start flashing when you roll the bag around. The Zuca bag Sport edition is a great bag for all sports where you need to have a mobile locker with you as well as a seat for comfort. Zuca bag can support up to 300 lbs of weight so you can even stand on top of it if you want to. Overall Zuca bag Sport is a great buy, it comes with a one year manufacturer defect warranty and ads a lot of utility as an accessory. Zuca bags are made in different designs, some are made for little children call Zuca bag mini and then there is a Zuca bag flyer and a Zuca bag pro. These Zuca bags a specialized for travel and for artists.

Facts about Zuca Bags

  1. ZUCA - is an American company world-famous for its durable, multi-purpose carry-all ZUCA bags with unique designs. The secret of ZUCA popularity is simple. ZUCA has managed to create a purpose-oriented bag that meets the needs of a person with just about any occupation. ZUCA makes its bags even more practical by developing special-product lines such as ZUCA bags for travelers, sportsmen, artists, pet owners and children.
  2. ZUCA has been on the market for slightly over a decade. Despite of its short history ZUCA products have already gained popularity in both hemispheres. Most of the ZUCA success accounts for its ingenious multi-purpose ZUCA bag which comes in a multitude of designs and variations. A ZUCA bag consists of an extremely-durable aluminum alloy frame designed to serve as a seat and a capacious textile insert which comes in a variety of colors. Both parts of a ZUCA bag may be purchased separately.
  3. ZUCA is one of a few companies guarding the interests of its customers in good faith. Despite of an amazing versatility of colors and designs the structure of a ZUCA bag remains invariable (frame, insert, wheels and handle). All ZUCA bag elements may be purchased separately. A ZUCA bag owner may replace individual ZUCA elements in case of their failure or whenever he/she feels like having a new design. Thus, you don’t have to buy the entire item again! This option makes ZUCA unique on the market.
  4. All ZUCA products are created with a practical purpose in mind. Zuca is famous for its specialized product lines designed for various customer groups. Special-purpose models of ZUCA bags are available for sport, travelling, business trips, artists, make-up designers and pet-owners. Apart from bags, ZUCA manufactures a number of useful accessories, such as, pouches, organizers, coolers and seat cushions which may complement your ZUCA bag or be used separately.
  5. ZUCA bag or accessories are a perfect gift that will serve its owner for many years to come. Manufactured from high-quality materials, ZUCA bags are durable, strong, light, waterproof  and require very little maintenance. Make sure to purchase your ZUCA products from the authorized ZUCA retailers only. This will eliminate the risk of getting a fake item. Purchasing your ZUCA products from authorized stores allows you to obtain the official ZUCA guarantee including life-term guarantee for some products.