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Riedell Sonar Wheels


Riedell Sonar Wheels are a sub-brand of Riedell Radar Wheels by Riedel a global guru of skating gear. Riedell Sonar Wheels were designed with the idea of bringing universally affordable yet reliable and stylish products into the market. The Sonar Zen Wheels represent the best value for money solution for recreational skating and long-track skating. Available in 6 attractive colors, these Riedell Sonar Wheels embody the golden mean in terms of hardness and size for comfortable skating in outdoor conditions. The Sonar Demon EDM wheels for speed and jam skating are another example of thoughtful design skillfully implemented for stable performance. Aluminum hubs, wider contact patch and medium-hard durometer provide for more control and longer roll with the best power transfer characteristics. The amazing choice of colors made available by Riedell Sonar Wheels for this particular wheel model will be appreciated by the pickiest skaters. The Sonar Striker are derby wheels designed by Riedell Sonar Wheels with the beginning and medium-level players in mind. These Riedell Sonar Wheels represent another successful blend of characteristics allowing for stability and a good grip on a variety of floor types. These wheels are a perfect example of optimized properties and stable quality offered by Riedell Sonar Wheels.