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Protective Padding for Ice Skating

Protective padding for ice skating and other sports, here you will find different types of protective equipment for figure skating as well as equipment which will help prevent or treat and injury from any type of physical activity

Protective padding and skating crash pads are extremely important for all parts of the body while training for ice skating and other sports, ice skating protection equipment has to be sleek and provides excellent padding as well as be state of the art in order to prevent long term injuries and falls. Here is a comprehensive list of all the effects of owning good quality protective padding, Bunga products as well as skating crash pads. Flexible crash pads slip in your tights, bike shorts or undergarment.Crash pads are easy to use and remove and can be placed where you need protection most. Absorb impact force and shields bodyCrash pads protect you from bruising and long term abuse. Protective padding is under the armor vests and provides extra protection against the trauma created by the back face Deformation that occurs when a bullet hits the vest. Protective padding against constant impact from the kart seat in the rib area. These protective padding shirts are made of the finest quality compression moisture wicking fabric. This protective padding system has been designed to provide protection to Back, Ribs and Hips. The three protective pads are attached to the seat either permanently or with Velcro and serve protection against vibration and impact while driving under racing conditions.

The protective padded shirt provides full upper body protection and is made of the finest quality compression moisture wicking fabric. The shoulder protective padding inserts are perfect to dissipate more energy and dramatically increase comfort and fit. The protective padding is also available in smaller sizes designed for skill position, wide receivers, and defensive backs. These crash pad inserts also feature a relief for sensitive body types. Protective padding cushions hard falls and helps optimize training time by preventing injuries with an elastic waist.

The bunga protective equipment has countless qualities and their different products are used for various purposes like: Reduce and absorb shock, vibration, pressure. Designed to support the ankle area and easily. Fits into any shoe. Reduce swelling and increase circulation while providing very mild support. Increase warmth and thus circulation. Mild lateral and medial stability and acts as a protective support. The braces help allow for full dorsal and plantar flexion. Cushion the foot with its unique waffle pattern to reduce shock and vibration. It helps to prevent blisters and pressure injuries. Supports an injury calf muscle while providing heat and compression to increase circulation while lessening swelling.Support your elbow while supplying even pressure to lessen swelling and increases circulation and warmth to help reduce swelling; Bunga protects the entire finger or toe/toe nail with a comfortable elastic cap.Helps to reduce scar tissue and to moisturize your skin. 

The bunga heal moisturizer for heel protection, comes in one universal size, which fits most people.Prevents the elbow from hyper extension.Supports your back with spiral steel, flexible stays for additional support while providing warmth and compression. Bunga products help with low back pain. Increase abdominal support.Reduce and eliminate your calluses and dry skin.Provides extra moisture as well as reduces pain.Allow for maximum lineal movement and bending of the knee joint, while providing ample cushion to help protect the knee. Against falls, shock and bruising. 

It also has an additional pad to protect outside of the knee cap.Excellent solution for shin splints. Protects the all sides of the finger and toe, as well as the toe or finger nail against injury and bruising. The bunga gel disks reduce shock, vibration, pressure and shear force. Most importantly the protective padding, crash pads as well as bunga products build your confidence while you're mastering the sport of your choice.

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