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Inline & Quad Speed Skates

Inline and Quad Speed Skates

Speed skating is a popular sport and a lot of people love it for the thrill it gives you. Speed skates are manufactured by Riedell Skates and Atom Skates (Luigino) , we also carry a wide variety of speed wheels. Speed skating can be done indoors and outdoors and depending on what surface you use for skating you will need to select the proper type of inline wheels or quad wheels. Speed Skates consist of multiple parts and all the parts are quite important.


Inline Speed Skates

  1. Inline Speed Skates Boots (usually made out of carbon mold)
  2. Inline Speed Skates Frames (light aircraft grade aluminium to reduce weight)
  3. Inline Speed Skates Wheels (usually large and come in sets of 3 or 4 per skate depending on the setup)
  4. Inline Speed Skates Bearings (Should be of the highest quality)

Quad Speed Skates

  1. Quad Speed Skates Boots (Low Cut)
  2. Quad Speed Skates Plates (Usually Aluminium or Plastic to reduce weight)
  3. Quad Speed Skates Wheels (Hardness 97 + for indoor and 85-95 for outdoor)
  4. Roller Skate Bearings (Speed Skate Bearings should be of the highest quality)


Manufacturers tend to create complete packages for speed skates whic hwe will list in this category.