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Reckless Wheels & Chicks in Bowls (CIB)



Reckless Wheels are a high-end brand offering a complete range of skating wheels for every skating discipline, proficiency level and type of terrain. Reckless Wheels continuously use innovative solutions, new materials and combination of features to increase skating performance of their adepts. Dual Durometer Morph Derby Wheels by Reckless Wheels are a recent example of a successfully implemented innovation. These hi-tech Reckless Wheels are composed of two urethane types with different durometers (84/88) resulting in improved performance. A combination of a good grip provided by a softer urethane on the outer edge of these Reckless Wheels with an unhindered speed made possible by their inner compound, has no parallel in the world of skating wheels. Speed properties are one of the brand identities of Reckless Wheels going hand in hand with innovation. Reckless Wheels are made faster due to their light weight achieved by using nylon hubs without compromising their stiffness. New types of urethanes applied in Recklees Wheels account for their extra rigidness and wear resistance. A perfect balance of diameter and profile is reached in Reckless Icon (62 mm x 38 mm) and Reckless Evader (59 mm x 38 mm) suited for indoor skating, including derby skating. The smaller profile of these wheels provides for better balance and control while the high durometer value ensures smooth continuous roll. Another example of an advanced product by Reckless Wheels are Reckless CIB aggressive wheels for street (55 mm x 22 mm), park and ramp (58 mm x 22 mm) skating carefully designed in collaboration with the Chicks in Bowls Skate Team to include the best features from freestyle, artistic and derby skating.