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ChloeNoel is the leading world brand in figure skating clothing. 

ChloeNoel is a Los Angeles, USA based manufacturing and distributing company.
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The ChloeNoel figure skating dresses provide figure skating and ice skating dresses for all ages and skill levels. We outfit dresses for both practice and competition. The colonel, Jerrys world skating dresses and mondor ice skating dresses are made of the best quality fabrics that complement the art and form a visual treat to the eyes as each dress is uniquely created and detailed with subtle as well as prominent matching accessories that can be easily hand washed or mashing washed. ChloeNoel figure Skating includes a great selection of  figure skating and ice skating sporty looking skating pants,  figure skating and ice skating jackets,  figure skating and ice skating skirts as well as figure skating and ice skating tops .These  figure skating and ice skating products are warm, odour resistant, and comfortable. Not only is the Chloe Noel figure skating and ice skating dresses fun to look at and wear, but they are also very functional. Made of quality material and superb workmanship, the Chloe Noel figure skating and ice skating dresses are very durable, yet sleek looking.

Chloe Noel skating dresses come in a variety of styles and colors and are designed to fit snug against the body. Extra flexibility is given in the fabrics so it fits over beautifully, giving the  figure skating and ice skating skater a comfort fit and keeping them close to the body and out of the way of the blades. Chloe Noel skating jackets and tops are made of the same material as the skating pants and are just as colorful and varied. They are fitted so they not only hold in body warmth, but allow your coach to see every aspect of your jumps and spins. Chloe Noel figure skating and ice skating dresses offer a great alternative to wearing a skating dress and are the perfect choice for club or team skating wear. The colonel figure skating skate wear dresses adorn novelty fabrics like polyester and spandex for flexibility and easy movement and have been creatively put together to enhance your figure skating experience. Since figure skating and ice skating have been in the rise as a sport more and more people over the years have given the attire for it importance because of which colonel have put together an extensive range of beautiful figure skating dresses. The colonel black and white has beautiful crystals, velvet matching long sleeves that fit beautifully. The fabrics are all made of the finest quality and are very easy to manage, they provide optimal flexibility to while figure skating as they are made of flow and stretchable fabrics that make it easier to move in. Ice skating and figure skating attire has been on the rise for over sometime giving way to figure skating and ice skating manufacturers to showcase their talent for fashionable and trendy skate’s apparels.

Through this widespread range of ice skating apparel by jerry's world skating dresses, colonel, and mandor an amazing range of silhouettes have been stocked up as refined masterpieces that exude finesse and style. These figure skating dresses are available in almost every possible color and style, are very easy to manage and a delight to own our mission is to assist in the competitive aspirations of female athletes around the world. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality, most stunningly beautiful outfits possible, in order to further this end. ChloeNoel figure skating dresses provide figure skating and ice skating dresses of premium quality to ensure our clients receive the most unique designs that are created with the most care and where quality fabrics and a comfortable fit are the topmost priority.