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Intermediate Skates

Riedell Skates

Riedell Crystal Ice Skates

USD 229.00

Support Rating: 50 Skating Level: Single and first Double jumps; Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, and Juvenile Synchro; Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, and Juvenile Ice Dance; Basic skating skills and Single jumps in Adult skating Crystal Features:​ Modern...

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Edea WAVE Ice Skates

USD 265.00

EDEA SIZING CHART > Soft-Mid Stiff Construction 40 Type of Skating:  Beginning Amateur Level for Serious Beginners and Adult Skaters who prefer a stiffer construction Skate Our boots are designed with lightness in mind...

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Intermediate Ice Skates

Figure skating has been a popular and is a sport watched all around the world as it is regarded as a fun favoring a form of exercise. From years huge number of skaters is performing this sport and at the same time gaining health benefits too. This sport is quite challenging and therefore it becomes important for the performer to wear good pieces of accessories during the performance. As this sport is performed on ice there are often chances of unexpected accidents. The main reasons behind these accidents are the wrong pair of skates and the wrong move while skating. Researchers have proved that skaters often suffer with leg injuries and this increases the need of buying the right pair of skates. If you are not a beginner and is on intermediate level then you should surely go for intermediate skates as these skates have designed considering your needs at intermediate level. Available in array colors and designs these intermediate skates will suit well to your needs. Whether you are a male or a female, still you will find an elegant piece of intermediate ice skates in any of the two renowned brands available with us named riedell and Jackson for you. Both the brands are calculated amongst the top brands of skates and are designing their widest range of skates for all level starting from the beginning to the advanced one. No need to look for shops whether you are on the beginning, intermediate of advanced level because we have gathered skates of all levels with us at one place. Under the category of intermediate skates all the skates are in affordable price range and will provide you with an ease of performing different moves on ice. If you are already using a normal piece of skates and are facing number of health problems then it’s the right time that you should go for these branded pieces of skates. Our incredible collection of intermediate figure skates will never let you end up with any kind of regret or complaints. Some of the very common health benefits that these intermediate skates will offer you are- relieves stress, eases menopause symptoms, tones muscles, increases bone strength and teaches endurance. Features like brass hooks, flex notch, soft top lines several sizes, leather lining and extra ankle padding are some of the beautiful features that these intermediate figure skates will offer you when you are wearing them during your performance. You lose or you win does not totally depends on how you are performing as it also depends on accessories you are using during you performance especially skates as these are most important technical tool for skating and needs to be of good quality. If you don’t want to buy a new piece of skate every time for your performance then select one from our available range of intermediate skates as these are durable pieces and will last long if properly taken care and also you don’t need to carry a specific bag for carrying these skates as they are very light in weight and can be kept in any bag that you will carrying along when you are going out for practice.

Don’t puzzle yourself, just select one and feel the wonderful experience of skating.