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Riedell Radar Wheels


Riedell Radar Wheels are a Riedell family brand dedicated entirely to roller skate wheels. Riedell Radar Wheels assortment includes a big variety of items for jam, speed, trail, artistic, freestyle and derby skating. Depending on their intended application and model Ridell Radar Wheels feature different hub styles, hardness and size. Some Radar Wheels (Radar Halo, Radar Presto) are manufactured from cast urethane also known as Neothane ensuring a firm grip, smooth roll and excellent wear resistance. Nylon hubs, including Tiger 2-piece, Halo, Micro, Purple Shark and other styles complement most Riedell Radar Wheels for extra lightness. On the other hand, Radar Speed Ray wheels, purposefully developed for speed skating and jam, are equipped with aluminum hubs for extra duress and increased roll. The most popular models of Riedell Radar Wheels, such as, Radar Halo, Radar Presto (derby) and Radar Speed Ray (speed and jam skating) are available in many colors and durometer values for every taste and weight. Radar Varsity Plus by Radar Wheels are a great option for those who practice artistic skating. Meticulously designed, Radar Varsity Plus offer a combination of features, perfectly balanced for better indoor performance, including extra durometer of 101A, narrow profile and aluminum hubs ensuring minimal traction and maximum response. Riedell Radar Wheels collection comprises items for both professional and recreational skating, including hybrid wheels for outdoor and indoor surfaces (Radar Villain) allowing to find the right wheels according to your demand.