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Sure-Grip Wheels


Sure-Grip wheels are one of the key products of Sure Grip International a US based producer of roller skates and accessories. The company with over 75 years of experience in roller skate wheel production sets one of the highest standards for the industry. Sure-Grip wheels extended collection comprises a big number of items for all skating styles. Carefully designed and lab tested Sure-Grip wheels are a safe choice for both beginning and professional skaters. The range of high-performance Sure-Grip wheels includes such models as Sure-Grip Zomby, Sure-Grip Cannibal, Sure-Grip Interceptor, Sure-Grip Power Plus and Sure-Grip Monza designed for speed, jam and derby skating. These Sure-Grip wheels made from innovative urethane compounds and reinforced with machined aluminum cores deliver outstanding results. A variety of sizes and hardness choices, as well as types of profile (Sure-Grip Zombie) allow to pick the ideal wheels with the optimal acceleration, edging, speed and grip properties. All Sure-Grip wheels are made in the USA using state-of-the-art machinery and the highest-quality materials ensuring extra strength and durability. The Sure-Grip wheels collection includes models with both optimized and unique properties, e.g. Fo-Mac Premier Mini Mac freestyle wheels with the reduced size of 45mm x 30 mm and extra hardness of 103A for extreme maneuverability on indoor surfaces.