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Kami-So Ice & Inline Skate Bag

Ice Skating Bags and Roller Skating Bags have a lot in common, but one biggest difference is roller skating bags are not rip resistant and ice skating bags are not large enough to fit roller skates especially large inline skates. We have thought everything through with these bags which are great for both ice skating and roller skating. The bag is big enough to be a roller skating bag and rip resistant to be an ice skating bag. It contain the following features

  1. Rip Resistant Ballistic Nylon
  2. Plastic Liners On the Bottom To Prevent Tearing From Ice Skating Blades
  3. 1 Large Pockets To Fit Both Skates, 1 Small Pocket To Fit Clothing, 1 Cell Phone Pocket, 1 water pottle pocket
  4. Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This is one awesome, inexpensive ice skating bag or roller skating bag or even inline skating bag! It serves all purposes.