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Roller Gard


Rollergard Double-Runner

USD 20.99

The RollerGard Double-Runner is the perfect "Training Wheel" product when your child is just learning to skate. Once your child is comfortable enough to skate on their own, the Double Runner then doubles as the perfect size SkateGuard coupling...

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Roller Gard Skate Guards With Wheels

RollerGard guards are unique skate guards with wheels which allow you to move beyond the skating rink with your ice skates on. These innovative roller guards are suitable for use on any hard surfaces, including rough and uneven surfaces, like concrete or asphalt. The RollerGard guards provide you with all the benefits of regular plastic guards such as:

  • blade protection
  • skate-bag protection
  • free movement off-ice

while delivering unprecedented value by giving you an opportunity to roller skate outside the roller skating rink without taking your skates off. The RollerGards have been thoughtfully designed with quality and comfort in mind and feature the following characteristics:

  • The RollerGard roller guards come in one size and are easily adjustable to different size skates.
  • These guards feature small durable non-marking 89A wheels with ABEC-5 bearings ensuring smooth gliding with a casual speed.
  • The 4-wheel structure makes these roller guards more stable in comparison with regular roller blades, making them safer for kids.
  • The cutting-edge patented design protects your skate blades from touching the bottom of the guard, keeping them sharp and extending their service life.
  • Drainage holes inside the roller guards prevent your blades from rusting.
  • Back straps tightly secure the roller guards on your ice skates converting them into roller skates.
  • Heel break allows to slow down and control your movements when roller skating.
  • Compact and light-weight, the RollerGards can be easily carried around and stored in a regular skate bag.

The Rollergard skate guards with wheels are a good alternative to common skate guards. They add more fun to the skating experience. Your child can wear them all the way to the ice skating rink, without having to change into the ice skates in a locker room. This proved to be particularly practical throughout the COVID pandemic. Roller skating between and after skating and hockey workouts helps the kids interact and bond with their team mates. Roller skating extends your skills and coordination beyond ice skating experience, allowing you to get more practice when ice is not available.

Different models of Rollergard skate guards are available for figure and hockey skates with the account of their specifics. You can choose from 6 bright colors, including black, white, blue, green, red and pink.