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Kami So

Kami-So Lacing Hook

USD 8.99

Elevate your skating experience with our specialized lacing hooks. Our lacing hooks not only ensure a snug fit but also reduce the hassle of getting your skates on, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. Crafted with precision and ergonomic...

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Impala Rollerskates

Impala Leather Care Kit

USD 24.95

Prolong the life of your leather skates Impala Protect Spray repels water, dust and stains Impala Clean Spray helps lift stubborn dirt and stains The Impala Brush is the perfect tool to use with Protect & Clean spray for the ultimate leather...

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Brilliance & Melrose

The Adorable Skating Hat

USD 39.99

Cute, even if you are not a skater. Ice skating has no boundaries. Skate charms are just cute! The Adorable Skating Hat is made of an acrylic blend and is lined with the most comfortable fleece. The composition makes it easy to wash and maintain...

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Brilliance & Melrose

Skating Headband

USD 29.99

Perfect to keep you warm, on and off the ice. The knitting pattern was created to breathe while being stylish and the dazzling pattern is there to bring a little brilliance into play. Ideas, questions, concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out via email or...

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SK8 Tape

SK8 Tape Skating Tape

USD 8.00

Make your old skates look new with Sk8 Tape. This tape removes easily and leaves no residue. SK8 TAPE is inconspicuous and is intended for use in both practice and competition. Sk8 Tape is a highly specialized vinyl tape developed for use by...

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Miscellaneous Ice Skating Accessories and Figure Skating Training Equipment 

The miscellaneous ice skating accessories have a numerous collection of assorted ice skating accessories to choose from. The skate pals figure skating toys like mouse, panda and black kitty are affordable toys for children. They're all adorned with an ice skating skirts that double as hair scrunches, that you can throw on stage to boost the skaters confidence. The other ice skating equipment has a perfect posture trainer that's a helpful aid to correct your shoulder and back alignment. The ice skating cloenoel crystal scarfs that are made of beautifully designed crystals, the headbands as well as the mondor leg warmers make for 

Exceptional ice skating accessories and are fit for all. Another great ice skating accessory to have is the figure skating key chains that can be easily attached to keys as well as your skating bag and are available in numerous colours. The hockey tape is an important ice skating tool to own as it comes most in handy to tape over hockey sticks or socks. The ice skating accessory that has been put together for beginners is the fun skate accessory package with boot covers, soakers and skate guards that are all essentials for the upkeep of your skates. The learn to skate package is another great ice skating accessory for your child that makes for a great gift at seasonal discounted prices. The cloenoel ice skating tights as well as leotards are made in USA and the materials used for them are lightly sanded poly spandex, polyester as well as spandex in appropriate proportions. The ice skating accessory like the Zuca nesting pouches are a set of three handy pouches for your essential items and they are super light ice skating accessories that easily fit into your bag pack.

The Zuca multifunction headwear has been designed for high level comfort and protection that can you match with any outfit. The riedell foot beds are another great accessory for foot support that provide cushioning and have inbuilt shock absorbers. The ice fire doll skating outfit can match any dolls outfit. The Edea anti shock under soles for figure skates have shock absorbing insoles.  The ice skating spinners include the gold metal pro spinner for ice skating that is highly recommended by trainers, as it used two machined discs and bearings, and is highly durable and the other ice skating spinner is Jerrys metal spinner that's an off ice training device with metal plate construction, rubber treads and rounded corners for safety. It can usually use on any kind of surface that makes both these ice skating spinners great. The digisole connected heated insoles handle all communication through Bluetooth, controls the temperature as well as adjust it as it consists of an inbuilt thermostat and this great ice skating accessory also has the ability to keep track of the number of steps taken and calculate your calories. Overall these miscellaneous ice skating accessories are a must have and offer every important ice skating product that a trainee or professional ice skater would require to excel at ice skating.