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Laces & Lacing Hooks

Riedell Shoes

Riedell Spun Poly Laces

USD 8.00

  Riedell Spun Poly Laces Features:  Made from high-quality spun polyester Color and Length: Black: 72”, 108”, 114”, and 120” White: 72”, 81”, 90”, 100”, 108”, 114", and 120” ...

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Riedell Shoes

Riedell Skating hook

USD 9.99

Manufactured by Riedell, its a must have for all the skaters. Lacing hooks help you lace your skates by allowing you to get a better grip on your laces without hurting your hands. Use it if you want to get your skates tied very well.

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EDEA Lace Puller

USD 8.99

The Lace Puller is a simple and practical Lacing device to make Lacing quicker and easier.Made from an ultra resistant plastic material with a retractable hook.The Lace Puller also makes taking the Skate off quicker and easier.

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Elite Hockey

Elite Figure Skate Laces

USD 6.99

Elite Hockey® Prolace figure skate laces are a must-have for avid skaters. Keep an extra pair in your skate bag so you'll always have a spare. These quality figure skate laces feature molded tips for easy lacing. Includes 1 pair of laces. FEATURES:...

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