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Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell is a globally known American producer of quad skates with over 70 years of experience. The wide selection and exceptional quality of Riedell roller skates make them rightfully the first choice of quad skates on the market. Riedell roller skates vary according to their purpose and level of skating expertise, including recreational, speed, jam, roller derby, artistic and outdoor models of roller skates.

Riedell factory has an integrated production system involving in-house performance of all production steps. Family brand components, including, PowerDyne plates, Radar Wheels and KwiK bearings are used to ensure the unparalleled quality of Riedell roller skates.

Riedell provides carefully developed roller skate sets for those skaters who are dedicated to particular skating disciplines. Designed to suit the needs of derby players, speed racers, roller dancers and unprofessional skaters readymade sets of Riedell rollers skates are categorized according to their application into:

-          Outdoor quads, including Citizen, Diva, Zone and Celebrity skate sets. These skates feature high-top boots with an excellent ankle support and soft wheels for better grip on rough surfaces. Outdoor Riedell roller skates are designed to be wear-resistant and easy to clean to suit the outdoor use.

-          Derby quads include R3, R3 plus, Blue Streak, Torch, Wicked, She Devil, Vixen and Siren models. Corresponding to different competence levels these Riedell roller skates are characterized with a significant price difference. In a general context, Riedell derby skates are designed to be as strong and comfortable as possible in order to ensure high speed and maneuverability of derby players in the course of extremely intensive action of a derby game. Produced from high quality extra soft and strong leather, Riedell roller skates for derby are equipped with lightweight plates and hard wheels for indoor performance.

-          Rink and speed quads available in the Riedell collection are mostly designed for indoor recreational skating. The bright Dart and Dart Ombre low-cut boot models are both eye-catching and practical whereas R3 Demon set comes in black color with a choice of eight different colors for Sonar Demon medium-hard wheels.

-          Artistic quads are traditional roller skates designed to be used for artistic skating, a sport activity greatly resembling figure skating. These Riedell roller skates feature high-cut leather boots similar to those used in figure skates. Riedell offers artistic skates for different skating levels, from beginner to expert. High-end models of Riedell artistic skates are equipped with extra-strong PowerDyne Reactor Neo Aluminum plates, Kwik Zenith chrome steel high-performance bearings and big-diameter hard Radar Varsity Wheels which allow gaining a competitive advantage in the course of professional performance.

-          Jam quads are low-top roller skates with jam plugs intended for performance of complex dance moves and tricks on the skating floor. Riedell roller skates for jam, including Phase, Icon and Quest models feature quality leather boots with stylish overlays in combination with hard wheels and high-grade bearings for good maneuverability.

An expert in roller skating equipment, Riedell offers the complete range of skating products. Apart from ready-made sets to separate components, including boots, plates, wheels, bearings and accessories. Apart from finished products, Riedell provides its customers with a unique opportunity to create the Riedell roller skates of their dreams using the ColorLab and Full Custom services.