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Skate Soakers

What are skate soakers?

Soakers for ice skates are soft covers used for protecting blades during storage and handling. These ice skating blade covers are made from highly absorbent textile materials like cotton, terry cloth or microfiber in order to keep your blades moisture free.Skate soakers are an important part of ice skating gear essential to maintain the blade integrity.By using skate soakers you will significantly prolong your blade lifespan.

Why do we need skate soakers?

There is a very good reasonwhy skate soakers are a must have item in every skating bag. Their main function is to absorb moisture from the blades after your skating session. It is crucial to wipe the bottom part of your skates including the blades after each skating workout. However,no matter how thoroughly you wipe your blades, the contrast between the room temperature and the ice skating rink temperature will cause more condensate to appear on your skates after you store them in the bag. Leftover moisture is a negative factor which triggers rust and fast blunting of your blades. Soakers for ice skates are designed to capture any leftover moisture from your blades keeping them dry andproperly protected.Other useful functions of ice skating blade include protection of your blades from mechanical damage such as dents and scratches, as well as keeping your ice skating bag cut free.

What to consider when buying skate soakers?

There are lots of soakers for ice skates on the market. When choosing high quality ice skating blade covers special attention should be paid to their material and padding.Sharp blades easily cut through thin and poor quality fabrics exposing toe pick and tail areas. It is recommended to choose skate soakers with reinforced padding to prevent cut-troughs.Generally skate soakers come in one size, however, big size skates might cause overstretching and damage of the material. Keep in mind that propersoakersshouldbeeasytoputonyourblades. They shouldbe equipped with a reinforced rubber band to hold well on your skate. And of course, quality soakers for ice skates should be suitableformachinewashtoensureeasymaintenance and long service. In view of the above, we highly recommend to by soakers form trusted manufacturers and bona-fide seller.

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