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Blade Type Information

Ice Blade Profile (Radius) Information




The Wilson Pattern 99 is a (3) THREE Radius Blade.

The MK Phantom is a (2) TWO Radius Blade.

The Wilson Gold Seal is a (2) TWO Radius Blade.

These Radius Variations are what truly make a difference in the way a Blade feels as you Skate, Glide, and cut Edges. These are called the PROFILE of the Blade.

Until recent times, it seems that the most important design feature of an Ice Blade was the Toe Pick. While yes, the Toe Pick is important for Jumping, Stopping, and many other types of transitions, it is the Running Edges and the Blade Rocker that really make the most differences.

The positioning and length of the Rocker, or the extra curved area that should be under the Ball of the Foot, will determine how well you can spin (and find your center of balance) as well as how your long flowing Stroking Edges will glide.

As with most things in this life, personal preference or the Coaches desires for you, come into play and will impact your decision as to which Blade style is best for you. This information can help you to make wiser choices.

When it comes to the Toe Picks, the bottom Pick is what controls the ALL Important LIFT ANGLE.

The Drawing above was provided by Rob Rudolph of Paramount Sk8s and reflects the PROFILES (or copies of Blade Curvatures) that Paramount has available. Most Blade manufacturers today use these three Profiles as the basis for most of their blades, so this information does not appear to be proprietary as it can be measured and replicated. 

Information was kindly provided by SKATES US


Types of Blades - MK/John Wilson




 The unique curvature and mid-section tapering of a Parabolic blade is designed to create less drag as you move across the ice. This means smoother, sharper and more energetic spins, turns and edge work no matter what level you're skating at.


And, as your weight is centered due to precision geometry, you have increased levels of control and confidence to unlock your true potential.


Finally, as they can be sharpened in fewer passes (with no special technique needed) they outlast conventional blades too.




 The Revolution technology is unlike any other lightweight blade in the industry and HD Sports is the only company which offers the true Gold Seal and Pattern 99 features.

Composed of 100% unidirectional fibers which are compression molded with a thermosetting resin, these blades deliver incredible strength and unprecedented performance.

The unique cantilever shape, which has become so synonymous with the world’s elite, has led to reports of a “feel” unlike any other lightweight offering. Adam Rippon stated, “There is a quality to the run of a Wilson blade and a softness that helps me feel my best while performing.” This responsiveness allows the skater to give the impulsion of a jump and the certainty of a forgiving landing.

The technology has changed the way the world thinks about figure skating blades and the manner in which equipment can define and enhance a skater’s aesthetic. Additionally, the resin we use in the carbon fiber acts as a thermal barrier which protects the feet from the cold transference felt through other blades.

If you want a smoother, more responsive skating experience, you need to join the Revolution.


Types of Blades - Jackson Ultima/ Matrix/ APEX



 Matrix blades combine an ultra-lightweight, advanced aircraft-grade aluminum chassis with a premium grade stainless runner.  Lighter and faster with the superior edge life of stainless steel.  Enhanced edge control through tapered design in Advanced Series.


For those who prefer a traditional design, our Apex Advanced blades provide you with the strength of steel and a Titanium coating, which hardens the blade for superior edge life and less frequent sharpening with exceptional durability. 
The tapered design gives you the advanced control you demand!


  Designed in response to demand by top coaches, the lightweight cutout design with chrome finish in our Legacy Lite series is the perfect graduation from our Introductory blades.

 The technology in both blade design and manufacturing processes results in Ultima blades that lead the industry in quality, performance, & value.