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Moxi Wheels


Moxi Wheels are a part of Moxi brand by Riedell Shoes Inc. a global company engaged into   manufacturing of ice and roller skates and accessories. The Moxi wheels collection includes Moxi Trick, Moxi Juicy and Moxi Gummy models of wheels for roller skates. Moxi Trick wheels are intended for indoor and outdoor skating. These Moxi wheels feature a small diameter (55 mm) and a hardness of 97a allowing for fast acceleration, precise movements and a great maneuverability. High-quality wear-resistant urethane and the aforementioned properties make Moxi Trick wheels a perfect choice for artistic and freestyle skating both at a skate park or a skate rink. Moxi Juicy and Moxi Gummy are outdoor models from Moxi wheels selection. Moxi Juicy and Moxi Gummy models are made from High Rebound MD urethane with urethane hubs featuring excellent performance properties and a long service life. Average diameter of 62 mm and a hardness of 78a make these Moxi wheels suitable for outdoor recreational skating and long-distance cruising providing for smooth roll on uneven surfaces. Moxi wheels come in a variety of colors allowing for stylish combinations with Moxi or other roller skates.