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Rockerz Skate Guards


Rockerz Skate Guards

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This product is non-returnable or exchangeable. A tiny gap due to tension requirement might be present between the two pieces. Why do we need your exact blade details? We use these details to cut your skate guards according to the size of skates you are...

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Rockerz Skate Guards

Rockerz Skate Guards are fashionable skate guards manufactured by Penguin. They are considered to be the coolest looking skate guards on the market and come with a full assembly service.

The Rockerz ice skate guards guarantee durability and protection when you're typically on the go as these skate guards comprise of high grade materials as well as components. These wonderful Rockerz skate guards are a blessing in disguise to every ice skating fan as they are manufactured by extremely knowledgeable and top notch brand makers of ice skating equipment and merchandise such as chloenoel to name one. These beautiful skate guards are best suited to enhance your performance by being available in many different and unmatched color combinations that are elude sustainability and durability and are very easy on your pocket too. You have the option of making fun combinations of various different colors where you can mix and match the figure skate guards to compliment your attire and personality for a custom ice skating experience. These high quality Rockerz figure skate guards are made in USA with recycled materials consisting of every part that is hundred percent recyclable, and of the highest quality standard.

They are solely focused and designed in a way that focuses on your safety hence they are heavy duty, fifty percent wider, provide a stable base for walking as well as consist of a gripping tread for additional safety. These ice skating skate guards are structured and designed for lateral support, assembled and custom fitted to fit your blade model and foot size. It's unique feature include a sleek design form that prevents clothing snags, waves to give you an edge over the rest, with in built springs and screws that are fully recessed, vibrant colors combinations, blade channels that easily slide in and out, matrix paramount and Revolution blades. These amazing Rockerz figure skating guards are a boon to every figure skater as it’s built to enhance their performance by providing unmatched options of fine ice skating equipment that's highly sustainable and regarded as being one of the leading figure skating equipment. It's low on maintenance and extremely durable too with a patented rocker base that's designed to reduce impact and joint stress.

These figure skate guards are also ergonomically structured for safety and comfort and for you to experience ease and smoothness of movement in every step. Each figures skating guard is well designed and available to you in an extremely affordable price range with fun color combinations and all this has been put together by experienced manufacturers of ice skating and figure skating equipment that only deliver par excellence ice and figure skating products, Rockerz skate guards being the perfect example of their production provides excellent quality and sustainability.