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Roller skating and ice skating are exciting activities that definitely boost your health, muscle tone, coordination and self-confidence. However, one needs to be aware of potential risks directly related to these active sports. The probability of falling when practicing roller or ice skating is quite high, particularly for inexperienced skaters. Whereas falling is an almost inevitable part of the process of learning how to skate, injuries can be avoided. Head injuries perhaps have the biggest health implications. Since the percentage of head falls while skating is significant, it is reasonable to consider equipping yourself with the proper protection such as a roller skate helmet/ an ice skate helmet.

A helmet will protect your forehead, temples and the back of the head from direct and lateral impacts dispersing most of the impact energy and protecting your head from serious brain injuries. Professional skating instructors recommend making a roller skate helmet a regular part of your skating outfit. Wearing a roller skate helmet/ ice skating helmet will be particularly important for:

  • Young roller / ice skaters
  • Beginners
  • Roller / ice skaters that practice stunts, jumps and complex elements
  • Speed lovers
  • Violent contact sports like roller derby

How to choose the right roller skate helmet / ice skate helmet?

  • Size and shape are of key importance when choosing a roller skate or an ice skate helmet. If a helmet doesn’t fit properly, it will slip or fall down at a critical moment of the collision with ice, hard ground or a curb, dangerously exposing your head. Size charts of roller skate helmet manufacturers usually provide information on the right helmet size according to the head circumference. Your head size is the value that you get by measuring your head around its largest area, i.e. from above the eyebrows and around your head to the widest part of your head in the back. Knowing your head size will significantly facilitate the process of buying a helmet online.  If you doubt between sizes, choose the bigger one, since a tight helmet will not allow you to have the proper level of safety and comfort it is designed for. A slightly loose fit can always be compensated with a reliable chin strap which will hold the helmet tightly in place.
  • Material properties and ventilation system are also significant aspects to consider when shopping for an ice skate helmet / roller skate helmet. Various helmets are made of different materials using different technologies. Generally the outer shell of a roller skate / ice skate helmet is made of a hard impact resistant material, such as fiberglass or EPS or ABS-plastic, whereas the inside is lined with foamed rubber, microporous rubber, kevlar or fabric liners. Depending on the material, the helmet will have higher or lower impact resistance, regular or light weight, different moisture-wicking capacity. The helmet will also feature a number of ventilation holes aimed at helping you to cool down.  Our recommendation is to shop for an ice skate helmet / roller skate helmet with your goal in mind. For example, if you practice speed roller skating, you might want to have a lightweight roller skate helmet with an excellent ventilation system. However, if you are aimed at ramp roller skating excellent impact resistance properties will be your top priority which will generally come at the expense of light weight characteristics.
  • Color and design of your roller skate / ice skate helmet will allow you to express your individuality and style. Choose a helmet that matches your personality and feel yourself on top of the world every time you wear it. 

The advantages of wearing a helmet can hardly be dismissed. Investing once in your safety is the best strategy to stay healthy and keep practicing your favorite sport fearlessly. Wearing a comfortable and trendy roller skate helmet will make you feel confident contributing to your performance skills. Invest in your safety once and you will save time, money, health and negative emotions that an unfortunate head fall may bring into your life.