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Ice Skating Pads and Gel Pads for Ice Skating and Contact Sports

Ice Skating pads and Gel Pads are very essential in the sport of ice skating. Different types of injuries may occur while skating minor or major. We carry all the different crash pads, support braces, gel tubing, retention sleeves, ankle braces, heel braces, back support, tailbone crashpads, arm support, elbow braces protective shorts of different types and much more.

Protection being one of the most important categories in the figure skating store covers every essential figure skating equipment to safeguard and prevent injuries that you are more susceptible to while playing sports. All the protective ice skating equipment is in accordance with the set safety standards to minimize the risk of injury. The protection category has numerous ice skating products that vary in styles, color patterns, price as well as their functionality depending on your requirement. Each product has been specifically put together to give you optimal functionality and are made of the finest quality materials and components that last you a lifetime. While maintaining a professional look there are some protective equipment products that are different from the rest of the protective gear as they have a more unique edge to them and are available in vibrant colors. All the protective equipment that is available on the figure skating store website has been especially designed to suit people of all ages and is available in all sizes as well. There are eight important aspects of the protection category, the first being the Protection for chest, that has a numerous range of products to choose from that have been practically streamlined, with high grade fabrics and materials to prevent injuries.

The protection for elbows gear is suitable for all age groups to protect the elbow from getting damaged due to repeated stress to the tissue and constant muscle strain. The protection for hands and protection for feet are the most prone to injuries while playing sports which is why there is an extensive range of protective equipment to provide maximum care and protection with stretch materials, and good quality padding that reinforces safety on every minute level. Protections for hips & buttocks as well as your knees have been designed to offer you extra comfort and protection. All the products are extremely multi-faceted and durable as they fit and take the shape of the wearer. The materials used to protect the back are soft at rest and stiffen when pressure is applied for accurate alignment. The finest quality compression moisture fabrics are used for shirts. Many more products like the quick fix kit which is one of the most essential items to own while training as it equips you to stay in the game and comes in handy whenever you need it. Shorts for hip and tailbone protection with strategically located polymer that conforms to the player and does not interfere while you handle sports equipment is a blessing as it is super comfortable with elastic waists, while your knees are protected with the best quality pads that are flexible to enable smooth movement without stressing the muscles. The entire collection of products that are under the protection category have been formed by an ingenious system of design and functionality experts that have carefully selected each component and material to ensure each and every equipment is well equip to your needs.

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