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Atom Wheels


Atom Wheels are a performance-focused brand pertaining to Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Corp. a renowned manufacturer of roller skating gear. Atom wheels offer a wide range of models for quad and inline skates varying in hardness, diameter and hub structure. Atom wheels selection comprises purpose-designed wheels for various skating styles (artistic, racing, recreational, etc.) with the main emphasis placed on derby skating (Atom Poison and Atom Savant). All Atom wheels are made from the finest high-viscosity urethane and feature one of the three hub types: spoked nylon core (the lightest option), hollow core and hollow core alloy (the stiffest option). Atom wheels come in different widths, the slimmer ones providing for maneuverability and lightness, while the wider ones ensure better power transition, speed and stability. Atom collection includes wheel models for different surfaces, including coated floor, sleek track and outdoor conditions. Every model of the Atom wheels collection including Savant, Juke, Boom, Poison, Poison Savant, Road Hog, Pulse and Snap features a distinctive benefit. Some of Atom wheels are made to be strictly performance-oriented, thus, Atom Savant is designed with a 45mm over sized core allowing for a greater speed which is essential for derby racing. Other models of Atom wheels are intended for a more versatile use, e.g. Atom Poison wheels are designed as an all-surface hybrid model and Atom Juke are available in various durometer values to fit every weight and floor-type.