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John Wilson Blades

In the early 20th century and further developed John Wilson's reputation for innovation. Having spent over three hundred years improvising skills and sharpening skills to market and deliver perfect quality John Wilson figure skating blades in the world. The John Wilson figure skating blades are a great tool for helping figure skaters to gain confidence when learning new jumps, as it allows them to jump on a normal pattern, unlike a standard harness, which is typically set up on the ceiling of a rink and limits the movements of the skater. John Wilson was the seventeenth century royal tool maker tasked with designing skates for the Royal Court. Little did John know, that more than three hundred years later his name would still be renowned for precision technology and innovation in figure blade design figure skating blades by <strong>John Wilson</strong> are considered to be the best blades in the world no questions asked. Just look at the last olympic games, every single skater in every single type of performance who placed first second or third - all wore John Wilson blades. The John Wilson figure skating blades are simply the most popular freestyle blade in the world, the coronation ace is the first choice of coaches worldwide and features a precision cross and milled toe rake. The definitive free skating John Wilson figure skating blade is designed for the optimum performance; the Gold Seal features solid sole plates for increased rigidity and a taper hollow ground, giving increased bite on edges. A high quality mid-range figure skating blade similar to the coronation ace but with the subtle difference of straight cut teeth. The gold seal revolution retains all the qualities of the traditional figure skating blade but now benefits from carbon fiber technology with extra flexibility and weight reduction.

The new benchmark for free figure skaters is here top range free John Wilson figure skating blade of the highest quality, offers an enlarged top toe pick for precise toe spotting. The same figure blade design delivers quicker cuts, exceptional edges and lightning-fast take-offs, dramatically improving footwork and edge jumps.  John Wilson figure skating blades are a top quality dance blade featuring a parallel slimline skating edge for increased glide. The dance version of the popular Coronation Ace freestyle figure skating blade. Quite simply put the John Wilson makes the most popular freestyle figure skating blades blade in the world. The first choice of international coaches worldwide. Revolution is the pinnacle in John Wilson figure skating blades technology combining the traditional merits of a steel figure skating blade. The results are unparalleled. The fusion of old and new technology allows figure skaters to move across the ice at increased speeds, make higher jumps, and cushion-land them, with greater control to reduce the risk of injury. Carbon composite technology ensures John Wilson figure skating blades remain lightweight, lighter than a standard figure skating blade for improved take offs, this technology is designed to help you reach even greater heights.