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Crazy Fur Soakers

Crazy Soakers are wild, fun, creative and unqiue blade covers which add style and fashion to your skates. These amazing Crazy Soakers are unique and special, they are made of a special material which makes your blade covers stand out.. Blade cover have been a necesary part of an ice skater's equipment for years, helping protect the blades from rusting and from damaging item inside the ice skating bag. For the longest time soakers were made of simple terry cloth and were just plain old boring. Well, not any more! Presenting the wackiest color combinations and styles you can find. Crazy Fur Soakers are out of this world. It will look like you skates got electrecuted by an alien space eel. These are the funnest soakers on the market today, buy them with confidence that you are buying a hot new little product that every skater wants to have.