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  • Wonderstar Toys - Laser Tag Blasters - 2 Blasters and Two Vests Set

Wonderstar Toys - Laser Tag Blasters - 2 Blasters and Two Vests Set

99 USD 44.99

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Product Description

  • 2 Infra Red Blasters and 2 Vests
  • Fun and Exciting Laser Tag Game
  • Fun for Kids and Adults
  • Multiplayer Mode with Unlimited Players
  • 4 Blaster Modes - Blaster, Cannon, Automatic Blaster, Rocket Launcher
  • Guns Light Up and Make Futuristic Sounds
  • Batteries not included

WonderStar Toys: Laser Tag Guns

Become a hero! Save the planet from alien invaders in a relentless laser tag battle with incredible Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns. Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns and equipment will inspire both young and adult players from 6 to 99 to get away from TV and computer screens. Wonderstar Toys hi-tech sets including laser tag guns, vests and t-bots imitate futuristic shooter-game ammo bringing the action into your own backyard! This 100% safe gear will bring about lots of excitement and positive learning experience enhancing team skills, as well as speed, accuracy and reaction of the players.

Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns are designed to simulate space blasters with their robotic sounds, flickering lights and a 4-weapon set-up. Create your own fantastic world and set the battle in motion!

Select one of 4 changeable shooting-modes: Blaster, Shotgun, Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher and start the action! Different shooting modes vary in shot amount, damage and reload time. Choose your strategy and don’t forget that more powerful weapons will take more reload time. Out of ammo? Just tap the gun butt and you will hear a robot-like notification that your weapon has been reloaded.

The powerful infrared beam of the laser tag guns reaches up to 130 feet (40 meters) remaining 100% safe at any striking distance. Still worried? The Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns are based on the same technology used in remote controls emitting less than 1mW with absolutely no risks associated to either hitting or receiving a laser shot.

Infrared-sensitive vests may be worn as a target choice. Want to play light? Alternatively, enemy laser tag guns may be used as a hitting target. Equipped with an infrared receiver our hi-tech Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns are able to track successful hits reflecting the damage on the Life-Meter scale.

3 in-built led lights of the Life-Meter will let you know how many lives (out of 9) you have remaining. 1 light stands for 3 lives or points. Be mindful of the enemy weapon: a Pistol hit takes 1 life, both Shotgun and Machine gun hits take 2 - but careful - Rocket Launcher will take all 3 lives with just one hit! When all 3 lights of the Life-Meter go off - your are “dead” and you laser tag guns stop responding.

Choose what side you are on by switching the team color. Green, orange, red or blue light on the side indicator of laser tag guns allows you to tell an enemy from an ally. Fortify your team by adding new players! Unlimited amount of players per team is possible.

Looking for an extra thrill and intensity in the battle? Bring t-bots as an additional weapon to distract your opponent! T-bots aka laser tag spiders are moving targets that can be used both for training and as a stealth weapon. T-bots flip over when hit and spring back to their little feet in just 2 seconds. Don’t let your guard down!

Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns are light enough (about 0.8 pounds) to be comfortably used by children. Made from high-quality durable materials these laser tag guns come with a 60-day guarantee to ensure your positive experience.

Choose a perfect package from 4 available options including: 2 guns, 4 guns, 2 guns and 2 vests or 1 gun and 1 spider bot. Get an additional set to bring more players!

The Wonderstar Toys laser tag guns will be a perfect gift to yourself, your kids, family or friends. Unlimited hours of laser tag fun and excellent outdoor exercise will be remembered as the best moments in later years!


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