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Ice Skating Socks


Thinees Skating Socks

USD 11.00 USD 10.99

Please wash once to avoid colour bleeding Thinees skating socks are made for the skater who wants to experience a near-barefoot feeling in their skates without actually going barefoot. Thinees' vapor thin design, wicking action, and...

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EDEA Skating Socks

USD 20.99

Please be advised that all hosiery items (tights, socks etc) are non returnable and final sale due to due to hygiene and health reasons EDEA Skate Socks are the BEST little Skating Socks Around. Great Fitting and Very Thin. The sock is a combination...

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Ice skating socks

Why ice skating socks matter?

Speaking of ice-skating, the importance of the right fit of the skating boot for a great performance is hardly news. The next most important item for achieving the highest level of skating comfort after the boot itself is the right pair of ice skating socks. Why do we need special ice skating socks for the ultimate comfort experience on ice? The answer is that the boot fit is largely determined by the quality of your sock. Using regular cotton socks or thick thermal socks for ice skating will most likely lead to discomfort. In fact, wearing loose or creasing socks with prominent seams may cause minor feet injuries like blisters, negatively affecting your overall skating experience. Likewise, socks that are too thick will take all the space in the boot squeezing your foot and making you doubt the choice of ice skates. Short ice skating socks that do not reach above the skates will also create discomfort as their rims tend to sink into your ankle creating minor problem that causes unnecessary distraction.

What are the characteristics of proper ice skating socks?

Experienced skaters claim that the best ice skating socks must be thin and elastic enough to create a gentle grip over your foot and ankle. The specially designed fabric of such ice skating socks does not crease or slip off your feet ensuring an optimal snug fit. Elastic cuffs provide extra security and flexibility. Ideal ice skating socks will not allow you to take them off using your other foot when standing on the floor, you will definitely need to use your hand to grab their edge and pull them off. They will fit smoothly as a second skin. Such thin material allows a skater to be sensitive to the shape of the boot staying in control of his/her movements. Seamless heels and toes protect your skin from blisters. Reinforced soles with excellent moisture wicking and antibacterial properties will keep sweat off your feet and ensure wear resistance. New generation fabrics add quick-drying and warming properties to your perfect ice skating socks. In summary, perfect ice skating socks should have the following basic features:

  • Thin and flexible material
  • Moisture absorption quick-dry properties
  • Seamless toes and heels
  • Sufficient length
  • Sole, heel and toe cap reinforcement

Ice skating gear manufacturers have focused on creating perfect ice skating socks with the above characteristics for your skating success. Our store offers socks from the best figure skating gear companies, such as:

  • Edea
  • Mondor
  • Thinees
  • Impala

Find the best fitting socks for figure skating and hockey and get on the ice excellently prepared.