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New Products

Posted by Serge on

Hey Guys! We got some new awesome products and thats awesome! So let me ask you, what is the most important part of your body? The answer is - your head. I bet a lot of you thought about how much it would hurt if you hit your head on the ice after a jump or just even during regular skating. We have an awesome product that we jsut started selling and it's called Second Skull Headband. It's a headband that has some really inovatiive material inside of it that will protect your head from being injured if it hits the ice. It reduces the chance of receiving a concussion and other types of head injuries, plus it keeps your ears warm :)) We also received a lot of new Figure Skating Dresses our new line up includes all the new styles from Mondor, Jerry's and ChloeNoel. We have received a brand new collection of Hello Kitty Zuca Bags and they are super cute!

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