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  • Zuca Turquoise Frame

Zuca Turquoise Frame

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Product Description

Flashing Wheels

Telescoping Handle

Lightweight Aluminum Structure

2nd Set of Wheels for climbing stairs

Every Zuca frame is double checked for faults or minor problems before being put out on shops for purchasing. Whether you're traveling shot distances a or all across the world the Zuca pink frame is the smartest and most progressive utility to own in today's day and age where travellers prefer to travel light and fast, the Zuca frame is sure to elevate your complete traveling experience all together as it meets all the requirements and needs of the carrier by giving the carrier multiple options and by being multi-functional in a lot of aspects. The Zuca frame is instantly recognized and highly recommended for users looking to travel light, quick and smart. Its functionality is extremely reliable and has persistently delivered innovation like its patented custom designed frame work with ability to protect the soft insert bag from getting dirty due to regular usage. It also protects and supports you while you're seated on your built in seat on the top surface of the bag.

The Zuca sport insert bag are compatible with the frame that are available in numerous colors of your choice that add an extra zing to your traveling experience


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