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Protective Padding

Kami So

Kami-So Ankle Sleeve

USD 14.99 USD 8.99

Kami-So Ankle Sleeve is a 6" gel-lined tube used to cushion and protect the ankle area from chaffing and rubbing. These ankle sleeves are ideal for figure skaters, speed skaters, roller skaters, hockey players, in-line skaters, and backpackers...

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Figure Skating Store offers a very wide variety of ice skating protective pads for sale. Our store specializes in ice skating apparel and equipment so we carry anything and everything a skater might need. We also offer many products for other sports, products that will protect your or your child's health. Protective padding is essential for ice skating because no one falls on a hard surface in any sport more that figure skaters and hockey players. Protective padding for figure skating comes in many different varieties from least to most important

The most important part of your body is your head, so if you decide to start ice skating this is the first type of protection we recommend above all. There are various types of pads that help you recover from an injury or to help you protect your feet when breaking in ice skates. It is very important to have protective padding when ice skating as it can prevent injuries. Knee pads and elbow pads as well as hip pads are also very important if you practice jumps. Please take a look at our selection and don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.