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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Information, Refer-a-Friend Program, Fan Builder Program

Terms and Conditions

Loyalty Program

For every $1 you spend (excluding tax and shipping) on the website you will earn 10 points, these points can then be redeemed for store credit coupons which you can then use to receive a discount off of your purchase. The store credit coupons come in the following amounts

$10 store credit - 2000 points

$20 store credit  - 4000 points

$30 store credit  - 6000 points

$40 store credit  - 8000 points

$50 store credit  - 10000 points


Refer-A-Friend Program

You have a chance to earn rewards in our store by refering other people to shop with us! Your referals will be rewarded with points which you can then use to create $off coupons with. The person you refer must use the coupon to purchase an item in the store, if the coupon is used your account will automatically be credited 1000 loyalty points for the referal. This is tracked through the referal program's unique ability to see if the unique coupon that you used for the referal has been used to make the purchase. All coupons are unique and work for one-time-use only. 



Fan Builder Program

We have a fan builder program which allows you to share our stores information with your followers in exchange for a coupon. All coupons are unique and for one-time-use only.