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Yoga Pants and Yoga Equipment

Yoga Apparel and Yoga Accessories

Yoga is a science and art which teaches us to be strong, balanced and flexible. This ancient practice has proven to be extremely beneficial to physical, mental and spiritual health of its followers. The healing effects of yoga account for its global popularity in the modern world. Yoga studios open all over the world which results in growing demand for yoga apparel and accessories. Yoga is not a sport or a hobby; it does not require any special equipment in order to be practiced anywhere and anytime one wishes. However, there are useful props and comfortable clothes specially designed to make your yoga practice more effective and satisfying. The most common yoga props include:

-          Yoga mats and mat carriers

-          Yoga bolsters

-          Yoga blocks

-          Blankets and cushions

-          Yoga straps

-          General accessories, such as, water bottles, mat cleaners, eye pillows, towels, etc.

Yoga mats are basic yoga accessories which have become a must-have of every yoga adept. Yoga mats come in a variety of colors and materials and are suitable for different applications. There are non-slippery yoga mats, extra-light, extra-long and extra-thick yoga mats, yoga mats for travelers and kids. All yoga mats have soft and grippy surface allowing you to practice asanas comfortably and safely. High-quality yoga mats, such as Manduka, are made of strong wear-resistant materials. They can be bent and twisted without deforming. Most of the higher-end yoga mats have a life-long service term. Some special features of the best yoga mats include moisture resistant surfaces to prevent bacteria multiplication, anti-sliding finish of the bottom side, shock-absorbing material with a soft upper-side finish. As yoga is not only concerned with the physical health but also with the spiritual growth and development of consciousness, yoga mats are often made of ecologically friendly recyclable materials.

Yoga towels are yoga accessories which are used as an upper layer on a yoga mat. Soft and absorbent texture of a yoga towel serves as a blotter keeping your practicing surface dry and your yoga mat clean. Yoga towels typically feature non-slippery textures for a better grip. They are manufactured from absorbent materials to soak up moisture which is particularly important in hot yoga classes. Yoga towel is a great yoga accessory to protect your mat from moisture and make your practice even more enjoyable.

Yoga props arepurpose-designed yogaaccessories used by yoga practitioners toperform asanas correctly, safely and comfortably. Generally yoga props include blocks, straps, slings, bolsters and blankets. Yoga props are intended to help beginning and middle-level practitioners to find good alignment and balance in poses requiring high flexibility.

Yoga apparel is an important aspect of a pleasant and effective yoga workout. The range of yoga wear is truly wide. Depending on your style and mood you can wear leggings, capris, sweatpants, harem pants, sport bras, tops, tanks and virtually any kind of breathing clothes that do not stiffen your movements. A distinctive feature of yoga apparel and yoga accessories is application of organic materials and low-impact manufacturing technologies.Typically yoga accessories feature beautiful bright patterns and styles often inspired by Indian culture.

Yoga accessories are an important part of yoga experience. Often functional and beautiful yoga accessories contribute to the shaping of healthy and mindful yoga lifestyle. Purchasing a new colorful yoga mat or a stylish yoga tank may be the first step on the road to self-perfection. You can choose the best yoga mats, yoga props and yoga accessories at If you have any questions regarding yoga apparel or yoga accessories, please, contact us at 818-785-2002 or at

yoga mats

yoga towels - yogitoes, eQua hand eQua mat

yoga bags - mat carriers, slings, totes, bag packs, duffels

Props - blankets, blocks, bolsters, eye pillow, headband, mat wash, meditation cushions, sandals, straps, water bottles

The off ice and yoga products comprise of new and intelligently crafted superior Manduka equal mats that have been upgraded with a superior quality grip to provide safety, optimal performance and comfort. The mats are biodegradable, consisting of natural toxic free tree rubber for cushioning your body while you exercise making them environment friendly. The off ice yoga products also have Manduka equal towels that are multipurpose light in weight have excellent absorbing techniques, that outperform other towels. The equal hand towels have better absorbency slip resistance and can be spread over your yoga mats for extra grip. The off ice yoga equal hand towels also double as meditation shawls to keep you warm, and as hiking towels. These Manduka equal towels are made keeping in mind the requirements for ultimate comfort and are especially designed in a way to provide just that, with durable and super absorbent qualities. The yoga off ice and yoga products have a wide range of Manduka yogitotes to choose from that are extra-long durable layers that can be placed on your Manduka yoga mats to prevent slipping with high grade silicone nun skid less technology these yogitotes are stable high on functionality, very sustainable and environment friendly Manduka yogitotes. The Manduka mat slings are super convenient sling bags to provide easy portability. 


These Manduka mat slings are available in numerous colours of your choice and size just about any yoga mat. The mat slings have exciting features like external pockets, quick release Buckles that are made of quality components to ensure reliability. The Manduka totes are highly detailed custom made shoulder totes that have removable cross body straps, zippered pockets and large internal storage space. These Manduka totes are highly Eco friendly too. The Manduka bag packs are innovative lay designed competent carriers that provide a lot of internal space with external picked for top loading and a safety padded picked for your electronics. The Manduka bag pack also comprises of an air mesh back panel or added comfort as well as a hidden side pocket. The Manduka also has an amazing duffle bag for you to take your sport in wherever you go that has all the above mentioned qualities and the best part being its super-size and flexibility that helps you to carry it easily. The yoga and off ice also have numerous props like Eco friendly, mouldable blankets that can be rolled into bolsters to provide comfort to your back and also to provide ultimate comfort through a recycled blend of wool and synthetic fibres that keep you warm. Other props include the Eco friendly foam rolling blocks, light weight air core bolsters that are easily washable and are made of the finest materials.

The machine washable Manduka eye pillow for your delicate eyes has been created to with bamboo fabric that provides a cooling effect against your skin and the inner part is filled with components to soothe your senses. The Manduka eye pillow has been fixed perfectly to ensure effortless breathing and provides a snap closure over the third eye to help you focus. The Manduka yogitotes head bands absorb perspiration and are comfortable cotton bands with a little flexibility provided from Lycra that is available in numerous colours.  The Manduka meditation cushion is another great prop that's Eco friendly with buckwheat hull construction making it travel friendly. The recyclable sandals, the cotton yoga straps and the Manduka water bottles are a few more props that have been put together to enhance your Manduka off ice and yoga experience. 

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