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Every yoga practitioner sooner or later is bound to get his or her personal yoga equipment. Such common yoga accessories as yoga mats, water bottles, blankets, straps, hair bands and other useful objects are meant to make your practice more efficient, comfortable and homey. Having acquired all these necessary yoga materials you will have to think of a yoga bag to accommodate them.

Yoga bags are specially designed to suit the needs of a yogi. Since a yoga mat is perhaps the most essential tool for the majority of yoga practitioners mat bags are by far the most popular type of yoga bags. Mat-carrying yoga bags come in a variety of designs and materials. There exist gym and travel yoga bags, totes, backpacks, slings and harnesses all of which share one common feature: they can hold your precious yoga mat. Depending on your needs and tastes yoga bags may also feature a wide variety of details. Large yoga bags can fit in everything you need for your practice, as well as your lunch box, your beauty case and whatever more things you need to carry with you. Such bags are also great for travelers for whom a voluminous yoga bags will serve as a travel bag. Light-weight yoga bags such as mat carriers and mat harnesses are great for those who like to go light and are used to carrying only essentials.

All yoga bags are typically made of practical machine-washable materials. Practically all of them feature outside or inside pockets and shoulder straps for more comfortable use. As yoga practices promote mindfulness many yoga bags are made of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton.

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