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Yoga practices are aimed at physical, mental and spiritual development of a person. Physical part of yoga involves performance of various asanas, meditation and breathing control (pranayama). Yoga practitioners typically wear specially chosen comfortable yoga apparel to stay tuned into the exercise and in control of their movements. Yoga apparel does not imply any specific design or type of clothing. It may be virtually any kind of apparel one will be comfortable in. On the other hand, yoga apparel should meet some significant requirements to be suitable for yoga, especially when it comes to intensive practices.

  • Yoga apparel should not be too tight as to hamper your movements in the course of yoga flow. Stretchy materials are highly recommended.
  • Yoga apparel should not be too baggy in order to allow for performance of various asanas including the inverted ones. You do not want to get tangled in the folds of your pants while performing the lotus pose or watch your loose-fitting shirt obey the gravity law in the sirsasana. Close-fitting yoga apparel will help you stay concentrated on your breath and movements.
  • Revealing yoga apparel, like loose shorts or deep-cut tops, should be avoided at a yoga class since they may result in confidence issues and consequently lower concentration level.

Darker colors are recommended in yoga apparel especially for the bottom part, to ensure it cannot be seen-through. Black, dark blue or burgundy colors will be a perfect choice for yoga apparel.

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