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Yoga as we all know is an act of balancing body, mind and spirit but usually the yoga about which we understands is associated with the body postures. Yoga keeps both body and mind relaxed and is the best way of being healthy. Yoga is performed by people all around the world and is quite helpful to your body. During the yoga sessions there are number of accessories which are commonly used by the practitioners like blanket, blocks, bolster, eye pillows, headbands, mat wash, cushions, sandals, straps and water bottle and each of these items have their own importance. Finding the right quality items and at a single place can be a troublesome process but with the availability of our yoga accessories collection, you will find these entire items under a single roof with quality assurance and affordable price range.

Let’s start with the yoga blanket that are nowadays very popular with practitioners as they provide additional height, absorbs moisture and complements meditation practices well as they have extra warmth. This blanket can be easily kept inside a bag or a yoga kit making it easy for you to carry it from one place to other. This blanket has been designed from variety of light weight materials and available in a wide range of colors. Yoga blocks are mainly used for providing extra strength and good support system and if used doing yoga asana offers strength to your body that if usually needed by you at the time of exercise. The major benefit that these yoga blocks offer is that they help the practitioner to do asana without strain. Using a prop like bolster while doing yoga is quite beneficial for your body. Yoga bolster is nothing but it is a just a cushion that is mainly used for body support and helps in relieving stress, improves blood circulation and controls breathing, stimulates metabolism and reduces swelling and inflammation. These are available in a range of beautiful colors. Usage of props like eye pillows during yoga can be a great help as these eye pillows have been created by us in different materials. These eye pillows make your tense muscles relaxed and also provide your droopy and sagging eyes with relaxation. Yoga headbands are the most common used accessory by the practitioners. These headbands not only hold hair back but also keep sweat back from your face. These headbands are available with us in all shapes, sizes and materials controlling your sweat from coming out and also holding large amount of hairs. Keeping your mat should be your topmost priority as cleaned mat will provide you with number of benefits as it will increase the life of your mat, won’t expose you to germs and bacteria, establish a cleaning habit in you. Mat wash cleaner should be used regularly by you after the completion of your every practice session. Yoga cushions vary in size and color and if used during yoga sessions will provide you with comfort and will protect you from medical issues like hip, back and legs problems. Yoga sandals works best as they helps to alleviate the potential issues like Osteo-Arthritis, hammer toes, bunions and poor circulation by spreading the toes and retraining the feet. Yoga straps are mainly helpful in bound poses and allow you with the comfort for performing complex poses. Water bottle is the most used accessory during the yoga sessions as while performing complex postures you many a times feel thirsty and at that very moment these water bottle serves best of their purposes.

Receive all these accessories easily by just simply ordering online with us. Select and get the best one for yourself.

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