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Kiss & Cry Angels Rink Tote

Kiss and Cry Rink Bag - Tote

Kiss & Cry Angels Rink Tote ice skating bag has been curated to fit your needs and requirements for intelligent ice skating accessories. From perfecting its shape to carefully selecting its accessories and print, for it to exude a certain aspect of class and style. The Kiss & Cry Angels Rink Tote ice skating bag is right up there with all the other competing luxury luggage brands around the world, but what really sets it apart from the rest of them is its patented design that is solely exhibited to provide you with the comfort and durability that no other ice skating bags provides in the competitive market. The designs of the Kiss & Cry Angels Rink Tote figure skating bag is extremely well thought out and executed with intelligence. The Kiss & Cry Angels Rink Tote ice skating bag is easy to carry around to the rink. While being a well organised spacious and well compartmentalized bag the kiss and cry rink tote skating bag also offers its users the option of choosing their bag in different colors and exciting textures. The kiss and cry rink tote bags mark the epitome of creativity for all the figure skaters that go skating carrying a sports gear every day. The rink tote skating bags make life much simpler for skaters by holding their important things in safely. These tote bags are perfectly sized, multi-purpose, extremely durable skating bags with short handles that are super convenient to hold. Fluffy blue/pink/purple, bubbly green/purple, jazzy amethyst /ruby/sapphire/orange, sassy graphite zebra/sassy silver zebra. Despite the obvious light and fluffy feel on the outside, it's definitely a solid build inside. And don't worry, they may not be that visible but all those open pockets are still there for you!  And with super cool silver handles and the matching label, it's a hot ticket for sure. Away from the sequins this time, we chose to go with this gorgeous metallic material with brushed finish to retain the same mature look and feel the original version established. We also decided to go with antique-finish silver metallic handles and label, just to top it all off. Our original line-up Bubbly is back with an upgrade inside and out. And we now have five colors in Pink, Sky Blue, and Lavender. They've got plenty of bubbly personality for sure, but it's all about how you can make them totally your own by adding all kinds of bling and charms. The kiss and cry rink tote ice skating bags have well-structured compartments , ample amount of room for storing your utilities, smart durable designs that withstand frequent usage as well as the right balance of function and sustainability. By employing the highest grade of materials , washable protective fabric , the kiss and cry rink tote figure skating bags are also extremely light in weight and can be easily managed , these ice skating bags are available in numerous sizes, progressive designs in all your favorite colors have been creatively put together to enhance your figure skating store experience. 

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